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Make an intelligent buying decision

As a buyer, you want to protect yourself. Before investing in any new property, you should have a building inspection performed. This will give you a clear picture of the condition of the property and allow you to make an intelligent buying decision.

Any problems detected before the purchase translate into direct savings for you. And the amounts can be substantial. At times, what you discover may even warn you to look for another building. In either case, you win.

Inspection Connection, Inc., has performed over 100,000 inspections for private and corporate clients, as well as government agencies all over North America. Our friendly network of experts offers you top quality, rush service in your town. You'll receive accurate and reliable reports, unlimited live technical support, and fair, realistic pricing.

Here are four different levels of building inspection we can arrange for you:

Basic building inspection by a general inspector

This is a visual inspection of all the major mechanical and structural systems in the building. It is designed to locate any serious defects in the major components.

If such defects are found, Inspection Connection, Inc., can send licensed specialists to examine special problems. For example, we can send a structural engineer to review the cracked foundation or a licensed roofer to evaluate the roof.

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Inspection by a team of structural and mechanical engineers

This is an in-depth analysis of all the major components in the building performed by a team of licensed structural and mechanical engineers.

It will give you more detailed information about the condition of the building than the basic inspection described above, as well as the necessary action steps to correct any problems.

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Phase I Environmental Audit

This is a visual inspection and a site-records search to determine if there may be asbestos, lead paint, underground fuel tanks, or dangerous chemicals on the property. It is performed by one of our licensed engineers.

If any of the above pollutants are detected, we can arrange a Phase II Environmental Audit for an in-depth analysis of the problem.


Phase II Environmental Audit

During the Phase II Environmental Audit the suspect materials or chemicals detected on your property are sampled and analyzed. After that we will send you a detailed report indicating their presence.

At your request, our licensed remediation experts can design a remediation process. Such remediation process is commonly undertaken in the case of asbestos, lead paint, underground oil tanks, or toxic chemicals.


How to contact us for more information or to order an inspection

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