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Home buyers, corporate clients, and governmental agencies all over North America rely on Inspection Connection, Inc., to provide quality home inspection service, accurate reporting, and fair, realistic pricing.

Now, you too can take advantage of our friendly network of experts, and receive all the help you need to make an intelligent buying decision. We are on your side - to help you get the home you deserve.

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Why have a home inspection?

As a home buyer, you want to protect yourself. Your home is most likely one of the largest investments in your lifetime - so it is to your advantage to have a clear picture of the conditions of the property you are looking at. Any defects discovered before the sale translate into direct savings for you. At times, what you discover may encourage you to look for a different property. In either case, you win.

To get that clear picture, you need an expert who understands the different mechanical systems and structural components of the house and the way they interact. This job is done by home inspectors.

To give you the best protection for your money, Inspection Connection, Inc., employs the most experienced, licensed home inspectors in each state. Not only that, when you order your home inspection from us we give you a second opinion. Our professional staff performs a "master review" of the inspector's field report and makes sure that the report you receive is accurate and reliable.

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How much can I save?

Here are some examples of our clients' savings accompanied by the photos of the related home defects. The amount you can save depends on the condition of the property you are planning to buy and can only be determined after the home inspection is completed. However, these examples should give you an idea.

The dollar amount next to each problem refers to the cost to fix the problem. But because our clients have performed a home inspection before investing in the property, these costs were covered by the home sellers.

To see the photos click on the corresponding links:

$6500 to remove old and install new shingles.  The inspector discovered bad shingles.  End of Life.

 $10,000 to repair the foundation. Our home inspector discovered the cracks in the plaster ceiling which indicated foundation movement.  Our engineer confirmed structural problems.

Savings to owner: structural issues only get worse over time.  Save money now.

$4500 to replace the floor and repair the damages.  In the crawl space below the house, our inspector discovered a toilet had leaked and rotted the floor.

Savings to our client: Leak could have caused more damage.

$100 repair may have prevented a fire.  Improper amateur wiring is a fire hazard.  While it only cost $100 for the repair it may have prevented a fire.

$1500 to repair and $1000 to treat for termites. Rot and pest damage was discovered to the main foundation wooden structure.

Savings to our Client: Termites could have caused more damage to the house.

$ 4,250 - Cracked and worn out shingles.

$ 5,400 - Old, corroded pipes throughout the house.

$ 5,200 - Swollen composition hardboard at the joints of the house.

$10,000 Polybutlyene Pipe replacement. Our home inspector discovered this gray piping is polybutlyene It is involved in a class action law suit. It was also installed in an unprofessional manner. We recommended removal after our plumber inspected it.

Savings to our client: May have burst and caused extensive damage to the house.


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Pre-inspection checklist - collecting the data

As a routine part of the home inspection process, you will need to visit the property on your own before meeting with your home inspector and talk to the property owner to collect information about the house. The pre-inspection checklist, also known as the home inspection checklist, is designed to help you collect all the data you need (not to be confused with the home inspection report).

When the home inspector comes to inspect your house, he will need the information from your checklist.

Note: The checklist is not a substitute for a professional inspection. Only an expert can determine what is right and what is wrong about the property.

Print the home inspection checklist

Home inspection tour

So, what does the home inspector do when he comes to inspect your house?

The inspector checks the condition of all the mechanical systems (such as the heating, cooling, and electrical system, etc.) and structural components (walls, foundation, roof, etc.) of the house. The tour generally takes about 2-3 hours and it is highly recommended that you attend as well. You'll be able to ask the inspector any questions and learn a lot about the home.

The following items are covered in a general home inspection:

  • exterior
  • components - windows, doors, siding decks, drive walks
  • roof covering and roof framing
  • garage, door
  • driveway, grading, gutters, down spouts
  • foundation and structural framing
  • walls, floors, attic, and attic framing
  • built-in appliances
  • plumbing, electrical, and heating/cooling systems

If your house has special features, such as the spa, pool, hot tub, well, etc., we can arrange specialty inspections for any one of them.

As the inspector checks every individual component or system, he will show you any problem he spots, explain its cause, and give you an estimate for the cost to cure.

The inspector will record all his observations and recommendations in the home inspection report which will be sent to you within 48 hours.

Note: This is where most home inspection services stop. Inspection Connection, Inc., adds one more step to the process. To make sure that the report you receive is most accurate and reliable, we perform a "master review" of every inspector's field report. This is like getting a second opinion.

In addition, our professional staff is always available to answer any questions you may have after your inspection. Remember, we are on your side to help you make a smart buying decision.

How to contact us for more information or to order an inspection

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Home inspection report

Within 48 hours of your home inspection, your inspector will send you a report indicating the condition of all the major components of the home. If the house is in good shape, the report will simply summarize all the good points. If it has problems, the report will explain them and define clear action steps to correct them.

In some cases there may be a need for further evaluation by an expert in a particular component. For example, if the inspector finds a crack in the foundation wall, a structural engineer should come to evaluate it. Only a structural engineer can determine whether the wall is safe or it needs repairs.

In the same way, if there is a potentially serious problem with any other component, a specialty inspection will have to be performed by a certified expert in that field.

Inspection Connection, Inc., can arrange and manage specialty inspections of any kind through our nationwide network of licensed specialists.

How to contact us for more information or to order an inspection

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