How much can I save?

Here are some examples of our clients' savings accompanied by the photos of the related home defects. The amount you can save depends on the condition of the property you are planning to buy and can only be determined after the home inspection is completed. However, these examples should give you an idea.

The dollar amount next to each problem refers to the cost to fix the problem. But because our clients have performed a home inspection before investing in the property, these costs were covered by the home sellers.

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$ 1,500 - Crack in the brick facade identifying a serious structural problem.

$ 2,500 - Structural problem and water penetration damage due to an improperly installed "doggy door."

$ 900 - Structurally unsafe deck.

$ 4,250 - Cracked and worn out shingles.

$ 5,400 - Old, corroded pipes throughout the house.

$ 800 - Wall-mounted gas furnace without a vent to the outside.

$ 1,650 - Rusty heat ducts built into the floor of the house.

$ 5,200 - Swollen composition hardboard at the joints of the house.


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